The ULTIMATE Wedding Planning Timeline + Check-list
Blake + Christina
Vendors I Love
Matthew + Jessica
How To Stay On-Time During Your Wedding Day
12 Favorite Moments in Our First 12 Months of Marriage
New Kids On The Block
The ULTIMATE Wedding Planning Timeline + Check-list
Blake + Christina
Vendors I Love
Matthew + Jessica
How To Stay On-Time During Your Wedding Day
12 Favorite Moments in Our First 12 Months of Marriage
New Kids On The Block

The ULTIMATE Wedding Planning Timeline + Check-list

Here you will find a general overview of the steps involved in the planning process! I used this same method for planning my own special day and it was a LIFE-SAVER! Keep in mind that it's never too early to start planning. Venues, bands, photographers and videographers can be fully booked more than a year in advance! While the planner below can be used as a guide for budgeting your time, the earlier you make arrangements, the better. 


O Plan get-together for families to meet, celebrate, and discuss wedding plans

O Create blog or website to post wedding news, information, pictures etc. or sign up at a wedding site to do the same, as well as to get ideas from other brides and to have access to wedding tools and information

O Discuss budget- with each other and family (include both families in talks if both families will be sharing the costs)

O Create inspiration notebook/folder, or use a website such as Pinterest, and start gathering ideas for a theme, venue, etc.

O Select a date- and alternative ones to ensure flexibility when it comes to the availability of a venue or professional you want to hire

O Choose and ask attendants for the bridal party

O Put together guest list

O Book site for ceremony

O Book site for reception

O Book officiant

O Book caterer

O Hire band/DJ for ceremony and reception

O Order dress and veil/headpiece


O Book photographer

O Book videographer

O Book florist

O Select and order attendants' dresses and accessories

O Reserve rental equipment including tent, tables, chairs, linens, china, etc.

O Meet with caterer to plan menu and schedule tasting

O Order invitations and other wedding stationary

O Send save-the-dates

O Make arrangements with hotel to hold block of rooms for out-of-town guests

O Book room for wedding night

O Investigate honeymoon destinations and travel arrangements

O Register for wedding gifts


O Start any DIY planning

O Make final honeymoon reservations

O Purchase/order/make favors

O Schedule time for ceremony rehearsal

O Plan rehearsal dinner (whether this involves making the arrangements yourself or discussing the event with the groom's family)

O Purchase tuxedo/suit, or reserve rental (groom and groomsmen)

O Meet with florist to discuss and decide upon bouquets, arrangements, etc.

O Order wedding cake

O Purchase/order/make gifts for bridal party

O Purchase bridal shoes and other accessories

O Have invitations addressed

O Plan Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party


O Investigate local requirements for obtaining marriage license

O Book/arrange for transportation for bride, groom, attendants, and immediate family on wedding day

O Meet with officiant to discuss service

O If writing your own vows, begin doing so now

O Select readings/songs for ceremony; ask those you want to read/perform if they will do the honor

O Make selections for ceremony music

O Select songs for the major highlights of reception (first dance, cake-cutting, bouquet toss, etc.)

O Purchase appropriate undergarments for wedding dress, and bring to first fitting

O Purchase wedding bands

O Select gift for groom, if you two are exchanging presents

O Select thank-you gifts for parents

O Mail invitations (this should be done six to eight weeks before wedding)

O Do trial runs with makeup artist and hairstylist and schedule beauty appointments for the wedding day

O Host bridal shower and bachelorette party


O Obtain marriage license

O Create/order ceremony programs

O Put together welcome baskets for out-of-town guests

O Give list of songs you want (and don't want) played to band/DJ

O Have final dress fitting

O Pick up ordered tuxedo/suit, if purchasing (groom and groomsmen)

O Start arranging seating plan

O Pick up wedding bands


O Give caterer final head count

O Finalize seating plan; write place cards

O Send shot lists to photographer and videographer

O Compose toasts for rehearsal dinner and wedding reception

O Make a detailed schedule fo the wedding reception events (times for cocktails, first dance, dinner, cake-cutting, etc.) to give to all applicable service providers

O Break in shoes and scuff bottoms to add traction


O Pick up dress, if not being delivered

O Pick up tuxedo, if renting (groom and groomsmen)

O Confirm reservations for wedding night and honeymoon

O Get crisp bills from bank for gratuities; put tips in labeled envelopes and seal

O Organize final payments for service providers who need to be paid on wedding day

O Pack for honeymoon

O Make list of everything you need to bring to wedding, and gather all necessary items together

O Confirm final details with all service providers 

O Arrange for mail to be held at post office during honeymoon

O Call stores where you're registered to hold deliveries


O Drop off welcome baskets for out-of-town guests at hotel (or ask attendant to do so)

O Get manicure and pedicure

O Have rehearsal; hand out gifts to wedding party if you haven't already done so

O Assign tasks and duties to wedding party for next day

O Give attendants anything they need to execute said duties

O Attend rehearsal dinner

Easy right? Wedding planning can be very overwhelming and sometimes it's hard to know where to even begin! I hope this timeline relieves a bit of the stress and helps you execute your exact wedding vision! At the end of the day, this season of engagement FLIES BY and you are marrying the love of your life! Remember to enjoy the process and this special time!

Until next time,

Xoxo Sabrina

Blake + Christina

The Landing Barn- Taylorville, IL- June 8, 2019

I am so excited to share extra details and fun moments from filming Blake and Christina's wedding day! I first learned about this couple through Blake's sister (Hi Lauren!). Lauren was a photographer at a wedding I filmed a couple seasons ago and when she reached out to me I was thrilled to work with her family! It is always such a HUGE compliment to be recommended by someone else in the business who works with other vendors all the time!

When I arrived at The Landing Barn I was blown away! The grounds were beautiful! It was my first time shooting at this venue and it was so much fun to explore! What really set the venue apart though was Christina's personal touch. Her wedding vision was inspired by the beach and it turned out absolutely beautiful! From the tropical color palette, to the sand mixing ceremony, and the pineapple cups it was so unique and fun!

My favorite moments of the day were by far the couple's photo session. Both Blake and Christina were so easy going and up for any creative idea that popped into my head! Not to mention, the chemistry between these two are what photographers and videographers dream of! Another favorite moment was Blake talking to the camera before seeing his bride. I give all of my couple's the opporutnity to share their emotions before seeing each other and it is so special to look back on!

Thank you so much Blake and Christina for being incredible to work with and congratulations!

Films: Teaser, Highlight Film, Full Length Film

Venue: The Landing Barn

Photographer: April Mateer Photography

Cake: Rachel West

Hair/Makeup: Alisha Henderson

Florals: DIY

DJ: AADJ Productions

Wedding Dress: Elite Bridal

Bridesmaid's Dresses: David's Bridal

Vendors I Love

Regardless of the vendors you book individually, I see us as a team working together to make your day absolutely perfect! I personally reach out to your vendors to discuss your wedding game plan, guaranteeing we are all able to execute the job we were hired to do! Below are vendors I have LOVED working with and would encourage you to explore!






Brian L. Coss Photography

Sharon Guillotte Photography

Kyann Raye Photography

Haley Foster Photography

Lauren Anderson Photography


Petals & Co

Roses + Mint

Casey's Garden Shop and Florist


Three Twigs Bakery

Sweet Temptations Cupcake


Party On Productions

Audio Dimensions

Complete Weddings & Events



Matthew + Jessica

The Pillars Event Center- Taylorville, IL - May 25, 2019

Jessica reached out to me back in July of 2018. She was so organized and easy to work with from the very beginning! After adding the couple on Facebook, I came to realize her fiancé Matthew was one of the groomsmen in Jordan & Markie's wedding two summers ago! I was so excited to work with this group of friends again at the same stunning venue.

I think one of the first words that come to mind for anyone who attended Matthew and Jessica's wedding is family. Jessica had so many family members travel from all over attending her special day. From her grandfather giving the blessing during the ceremony, the first look with her Dad, her nephews and fur baby walking the rings down the aisle, and her sister's touching matron of honor speech, there was so much love and support for the happy couple!

The first looks were easily my favorite moments to capture from their day. From her girls seeing her in the dress for the first time, her Dad seeing his daughter as a stunning bride and finally Matthew seeing the love of his life on their wedding day, it was a complete honor to film.

I am so thrilled the weather cooperated with us and we were able to have an absolutely beautiful outdoor photo session before the ceremony. Although it was quite humid once the clouds disappeared, the results are well worth it! Thank you Matthew, Jessica and the entire bridal party for being such team players!

Both their teaserhighlight film and full length film were so much fun to put together! Congratulations newly weds!

Venue: The Pillars Event Center

Photography: Brian L. Coss Photography

DJ: Neil Hohenstein from Audio Dimensions

Catering: Angelos

Cake: Bailey Hancock

Donuts: Three Twigs Bakery

Flowers: Petals and Company

Dress: Clarice's Bridal Fashions

Hair/Makeup: Amenities On Main


How To Stay On-Time During Your Wedding Day

As both a bride and wedding videographer, my goal for our wedding (logistically) was staying on-time! Your wedding day is easily the most anxious and happiest day of your life. By following these tips, it will help alleviate the potential stress of running behind and allow you to fully enjoy your day!


Itinerary is number one for a reason. As your big day approaches, sit down with your wedding planner, photographer or coordinator to really nail down a solid time-line. These professionals have experienced dozens of weddings and understand how much time to allow for the day’s events. Next, share your finalized itinerary including times and locations with your bridal party, family and vendors! The last thing you need on your wedding day is someone asking you what time the ceremony starts or where to meet up for family photos. Finally, include your maid of honor and best man’s contact information so if there are any questions, they are not directed to you!



The order in which your bridal party gets their hair/makeup completed MATTERS. My suggestion is to have the individuals that will be helping you into your dress go first. These individuals are most likely your mom and maid of honor. Schedule your hair/makeup next with the rest of the bridesmaids to follow. Following this order guarantees that if hair/makeup is running late, you can still get into your dress/start bridal portraits on time!



Starting the ceremony on-time is a priority. It’s the reason you are all there and you also want to value your guests’ time! A great way to set yourself up for a prompt ceremony arrival is by scheduling 30 minutes of buffer time. This time is perfect for relaxing with your bridesmaids, staying hidden from arriving guests, grabbing a bite to eat and doing any final touch-ups. Having this time already scheduled into your itinerary allows you to catch a breath before you say “i do!”



This one is pretty simple. People are slow! When creating your itinerary, keep in mind the amount of time it takes for people to move. This includes a receding line (if you choose to do one), travel time from the ceremony to reception site and transitioning guests from cocktail hour and finding their reception seats. A safe amount of time to allow is 20 minutes per transition.



There are so many cute photographic send-offs ideas! From sparklers, to lanterns, to fireworks, Pinterest has inspired so many creative ways to say goodnight to the newly weds. But what time should you schedule it? If you expect a significant amount of guests to leave early in the night, you want to schedule it sooner. The last thing you want is to have only a handful of guests left at the end of the night to send you off! Secondly, consider how late you have your vendors. Most photographers and videographers work hourly so make sure you schedule it into their coverage if capturing the send-off is important to you! Aaron and I chose to do an earlier send-off at 9pm and then went back inside to party! This allowed all of guests to feel included and we got some of my favorite shots of the night from our photographer and videographer!


I’m sure there are other ways to help stay on-time during your wedding day, but in my experience as both a bride and wedding videographer, these are the best! I hope these help and happy planning!


Until next time,


Xoxo Sabrina

12 Favorite Moments in Our First 12 Months of Marriage

I cannot believe Aaron and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary in just a few weeks. It seems so crazy to me! This past year has been filled with so much joy, collaboration, laughter, tears, blessings and love. I know these years and anniversaries will FLY by so I want just a moment to slow things down and reminiscence. So here is 12 favorite moments in our first 12 months of marriage.

1) THE HONEYMOON (DUH!) #justmaui-ed

Our honeymoon was an absolute DREAM. We enjoyed 7 days in Maui, Hawaii. Some of the highlights included snorkeling with wild sea turtles, sleeping to the sound of crashing waves, the Road to Hana (highly recommend) and a sunset dinner cruise.

We took this photo at our hotel's luau. We joked about how it looks like this photo has been hanging in our house for at least 20 years haha. Not pictured, myself being pulled up on stage to demonstrate my best hula after one too many Mai Tai's. 



The week we returned from our honeymoon, I spent the next 5 consecutive weeks filming 6 weddings! Talk about getting back to reality! It was an insane busy season, but it was an absolute blast! These were some of the first weddings Aaron worked as my second shooter and through the long film days, and hours and hours of editing, he was my ROCK and my number one supporter.


Archie, Archie-kins, the Arch Man, Archibald. Whatever we choose to call him, he was and is a purrrfect addition to the Moore clan.


One of the first photos vs. most recent photo


Our first dance at our wedding was a choreographed dance to "Tight Rope" from the Greatest Showman. If it wouldn't have been that, Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" was our next pick! Hearing him perform live was always a bucket list item for us and last minute nose bleed seats did the trick! 


If you know us at all, you know we take Halloween costumes VERY seriously. This may have been one of our favorites. It earned us second place in Wild Country's Costume Contest, but I think it's pretty clear who the true winners were.



In November, I flew to Naples, Italy with my big sister and aunt for a culinary tour! It was incredible to say the least. When I returned home, I prepared a four course authentic Italian meal for my honey to show him a little bit of what I learned.


Cue the tears. As a wedding videographer, you can imagine my extreme anticipation leading up to viewing my OWN wedding film. It was beautiful. My friend and mentor Ingrid from White Lily Productions did a phenomenal job. It was such an emotional experience viewing it for the first time and I cried tears of joy the entire time! (Thank you, Ingrid!)


This one's a good one haha. Aaron's extended family does a Christmas talent show every year. With it being our first Christmas as a married couple, I figured it's about time I make my debut by demonstrating my makeup skills on none other than my lovely hubby ;)


Next to our first apartment was a massive soccer field. During the snow-pocalypse, Aaron rallied up a handful of our friends for a 3 HOUR SNOWBALL FIGHT. I'm talking forts, referees and snowball stock piles. It was epic.























Sushi is easily one of my favorite foods and my favorite date night. My grandparents gifted me a sushi set this past year and it ROCKS. If you're looking for a fun cheap date-night in, homemade sushi is the way to go!



Peachy-girl, Peachy-pie, Peach-anator, Peach-asaurus Rex. Again, whatever we choose to call her, we are happy to have her as apart of the family! (I don't know why we have so many nicknames for our pets, but I love it)

12) HOME

And last, but certainly not least, moving into our first house! We've been here just a little over a month and we feel so at home. This is the first place that feels like equally both Aaron and I's in every way.

I am so thankful for this season of life with the love of my life. Happy first anniversary, babe! Here is to many, many more anniversaries and favorite moments!

Until next time,

Xoxo Sabrina

New Kids On The Block

Hello friends! I have contemplated starting a blog since graduation and with the new website update it is the perfect opportunity to rediscover my love for writing! My vision for this space is to document moments in Aaron and I’s life as well as share business and creative related projects. LET’S DO THIS THING. 

I would like to officially welcome you to our home! After moving in with our friends and family, Aaron and I stayed up unitl midnight unpacking everything. We were so excited! We had everything unpacked within the first 48 hours.






Aaron's one request for the living room was having an area dedicated to music.






















Two friends enjoying the new view.






One of my favorite things about the new house is the closet storage! Before, we didn't have a single closet outside of the bedrooms and now we have three! I converted one of them into a pantry, one into a cleaning closet and the third is a coat closet :)




We appropriately christened our kitchen with Chinese take-out as our first officially meal in the house together.





Aaron and I both love hosting friends and family. We are so pumped to have a proper guest room ready to go! The guest room also features beautiful cross-stitch work gifted from my mother! (shown above)























While I was most excited about the closets upstairs, Aaron was thrilled to use the unfinished basement as his "man cave".

Although installing the washer and dryer was a total pain, I am loving having a laundry room in the basement as well as a space for the all the kitty things!


And if the "man cave" wasn't enough, Aaron finally has the space for a home gym which he has appropriately named "The Garage". You can find him here every morning at 5:30am and maybe every other day for myself ;)


Well that's the house! Aaron, myself and our fur babies couldn't be more in love! We hope to throw a house warming party and host you all soon! <3


Until next time,

Xoxo Sabrina